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Great food that doesn't cost the earth

Join Harvest Hub: buy local and eat great food that doesn't cost the earth.

During the growing seasons, over 70% of our fresh produce comes from the Sydney basinHarvest Hub is a social enterprise providing fresh, seasonal produce & groceries to local communities across Sydney. Most produce is grown or manufactured in the Sydney basin. There is a range of mainstream, chemical-free and organic produce and groceries. We provide the options - the choice is yours.

We distribute the produce through an expanding network of food Hubs that empower communities to take control of their food supply and reducing their reliance on big supermarkets.


What do I get?

Example of a Medium Bag ($37.50): 16-18 varieties weighing 10-12Kgs

We offer a seasonal bag with the freshest fruits and vegetables in 3 sizes. Each bag can be fully customised:

  • Small Bag is approx $31 and will suit 1-2 people
  • Medium Bag is approx $41 and is enough for 3-4 people
  • Large Bag is approx $51 and will feed 5-6 people
  • Or set up a Custom Order from scratch

Check out this week's bag and specials here. Or check out our full range of products.

All bags can be personalised by adding and removing produce.

Add from a growing range of bakery, dairy, meat and grocery itemsYou can also add products from our growing range of dairy, bakery, meat and grocery products, sourced from mostly smaller, local manufacturers and producers. Click here to check out our range and prices.

Regardless of the order type, the minimum order value is $20 (across all products).


How does it work?

Hubster in action, packing Harvest Hub orders

The process is simple:

  1. Join a hub
  2. Place your initial order
  3. Pick up fresh, healthy food on your pick up day

Join a Hub

Enter your postcode and locate the nearest hub to your home, work or where you usually travel to during the week. (If you're interested in home delivery, select your nearest Hub and tick the Home Delivery box. We will call you within 24 hours to discuss delivery options).

Place your initial order

Orders are placed online. All products show up to date pricing, quantities, growing region and seasonal availability.

Each Saturday at 8am

We publish what's in the bag for the week ahead. We also publish specials and new products, as well as our newsletter and recipes for the week so you can plan ahead.

Value Bag prices are locked in for the week. Orders close 2 days prior to your pick-up day.

On your pick-up day

You swing by your local Hubster and collect your order which is packed in a sturdy, specially designed insulation bag that is included in the one-off $25 membership fee (payable at registration). Ordering fortnightly or suspending a bag (up to 8 weeks at a time) can be done online. Home delivery is available to selected areas (please call us to arrange).

Join here.


Why Harvest Hub?

Raymond Camilleri and his magic broccoli from Freemans Reach

Harvest Hub is changing the way you purchase food

  • Harvest Hub source most of your produce supply from local growers and food manufacturers in the Sydney basin, so you'll know where your food comes from
  • You support local growers by purchasing their produce at a fair and sustainable price
  • You protect the diversity of our food supply by giving small suppliers and manufacturers a fair go
  • You reduce food miles, packaging materials and food wastage
  • You help reduce your food bill, and help you eat more fresh and less processed foods
  • You give back to the community by helping those in need, and encouraging our members to help us in this endeavour.
  • You promote healthy eating and cooking fresh food
Olivia and her sister showing off their dad’s Giant Silverbeet

Join Harvest Hub, and secure your family's health and the future of our local growers and manufacturers.

More questions?

Go to our Q & A page or send us an email info@harvesthub.com.au.


Harvest Hub. Great food that doesn't cost the earth.